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Medic Success is focused on providing health-related solutions for underserved communities and facilitates the interface with industry, organizations and government agencies.  Medic Success is a unique Healthcare IT consulting with exceptional access to and understanding of the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America.  We have strong ties to the U.S. Hispanic community, solid relationships with numerous vendor corporations, community-based and non-governmental organizations, industry associations, high-ranking elected and appointed officials as well as influential entities both in the United States and Latin America.  Our team has the requisite experience, expertise and credibility to open doors and execute on important initiatives.  Combined, we believe these capabilities position Medic Success as the selection of choice with the breadth and depth necessary to support your needs.

With strong cultural awareness and intimate familiarity with underserved communities, particularly in the Hispanic/Latino segment, we can bridge the gap and ensure patients, providers and community based organizations can benefit from Healthcare IT.




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"The foundation of NHIT Collaborative is partnerships. Medic Success is a great example of what an efficient and accomplish partnership should be. The MS team is very professional, dedicated, and committed to serving communities of color.
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- Marcia Thomas-Brown, COO
MAY 2013
Luis Belen, Medic Success Founder, and Founding Co-Chair of the HIMSS Latino Community participates in the The First-Ever Hispanic Business Leaders’ Forum at the White House!
OCT 2012
Luis Belen, Medic Success Founder, and Founding Co-Chair of the HIMSS Latino Community meets President Obama!
MAY 2012
Luis Belen, Medic Success Founder, named ‘CEO of the Year’